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Audience Les éditions Larousse Viva la Plancha by Camille Delcroix, winner of season 6 of Top Chef, in collaboration with Séverine Augé and with the complicity of the iron brand Le Marquier.

LAROUSSE KITCHEN – The beautiful days have finally arrived and, with them, the pleasure of being in the garden for moments of conviviality with family or friends. With its 40 recipes ranging from aperitifs to desserts, the book invites you to cook easy and light with a chapter dedicated to veggie cooking. Camille Delcroix unveils her fetish recipes such as mini-bruschettas with Tsukune chicken dumplings for a successful aperitif. At meal time, place the meats with beef ribs, Chimichurri sauces, tex-mex beef tacos, pork ribs and grilled sweets with ranch sauce, Tahiti skewers, Memphis-style hot dogs and other tasty suggestions. Let’s move on to fish and seafood, quickly prepared and quickly cooked. Pistachio tuna tataki, fennel salad and grilled peaches open the dance, followed by Gremolata bar fillets, salmon burgers, prawns and shrimp, mussels and squid. There are fans of végétarienne cuisine, but there are also lovers of Italian cuisine, a panzanella with tomato wheels. Eggplants, sweet potatoes, peppers, spinach are on the menu for veggie recipes, and fruit is a feast for desserts: red fruit cobbler, campfire-roasted bananas, roasted apricots, honey ricotta, and pistachios. Plancha is synonymous with conviviality, sharing and relaxed receptions that are instantly kitchen and all the companions can put their hands on the dough.

Viva La Plancha
Camille Delcroix
in collaboration with Séverine Augé
Photos Charly Deslandes
Stylism Séverine Augé
Larousse kitchen

128 pages
Format: 20 X 27 cm
Price: € 15.95

Proposed by the author
Winner of the 6th season of Top Chef in 2018, Camille Delcroix impressed the chefs with his technical mastery while his endearing personality conquered the audience. Camille lives in Hauts-de-France, in her home region, which is very attached and has no kitchen-inspired products. In 2021, he opened his first restaurant, Bacôve, in Saint-Omer in the Pas-de-Calais.

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