We cook the morels with Lorraine PIERRAT

Lorraine PIERRAT explained to us how to choose morels, and the difference between fresh morels, which must be cooked well otherwise they are toxic, and dried morels.

She gave us a nice recipe for morel rolls, morel gratin and stuffed morels

André, who listens to us in Saint Nicolas de Port, gave us a nice recipe for fricassee with green asparagus and morels.

Our leader

Lorraine PIERRAT is the chef and patroness of the Domaine de Saint Romary in Saint Etienne les Remiremont.

Our culinary expert

Karine is a drug dealer in Nancy (on the side of Raugraff Street, at the Porte de la Craffe …) she explained to us that we need mushroom and vegetable dehydrators. This allows you to keep the mushrooms that have been picked for a long time

One day a trade

Every Tuesday I go to the Lorraine butchers to ask for their wishes. Arnaud DAVAL, our butcher from Val d’Ajol, told us about the medallion and roast veal (it’s around 40 euros per kg), and chicken (to go with the morels).

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