We cook the veal with Lorraine Pierrat, our chef from the Vosges

Lorraine detailed the recipe for veal tonnato. She also gave us her way of cooking osso bucco

Our leader

Lorraine PIERRAT holds the “domain of Saint Romary” in Saint Etienne lès Remiremont

One day a trade

Today, with our butcher, Arnaud Daval, whose shop is in the Val d’Ajol, we took stock of the calf. He told us about the veal square, which he cooks with mushrooms and bell onions. On the price side, it is around 18 euros per kg for a square veal, 28 euros per kg for a cutlet …

Our culinary expert

Karine Claude is a drug dealer in Nancy (near the Porte de la Craffe). She tells us how to get the pots back.

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