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Au Coeur du quartier de la Création, on the island of Nantes, a food hall called “Magmaa” will open its doors on June 30. This new restaurant space will offer multiple culinary universes to make your taste buds travel… We reveal to you the nine restaurateurs, including three ephemeral ones, who will take possession of the place. It’s gone!

Magmaa program: Afghan, Mediterranean, Korean, South American,

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From this summer, Magmaa Food Hall, the memory of a hard-working market hall, becomes the highlight of the restaurant on the island of Nantes: a warm place, where culinary passions will merge together. Nine ambassadors of the well-being, three of whom will be taking part in this place from June 30, and their names and origins are revealed below. Attention, saviors and guaranteed appetite!


The pizza
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It is by organizing pizza tastings in the evening that Thibaut Closson meets with crazy success. Encouraged by his greedy friends, he took the plunge and began his conversion with a pizzaiolo formation. Thibaut will take you with him to offer you Pizza al taglio, a pizza in the cup according to the popular Roman tradition… 🍕

MOAA – Korean soul food

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Yeongun and Thibault Gentric left their professions to embark on their common passion two years ago: Korean gastronomy. For Magmaa, Yeongun has prepared dishes from the repertoire of traditional Korean cuisine, not to mention flavors worthy of Seoul markets.


Neo bistro

It is the duo Guillaume Macotta and Maxime Fillaut from the kitchens of chef Eric Guérin who set out on the stove for Magmaa. Seduced by the idea of ​​evolution in the profession in a collective and open way, revisiting the traditional bistro kitchen with an escape from the world …



Nathalia Guyot, creator of the famous Azaï Healthy Bowls, embark on an adventure to discover a kitchen inspired by your son to pay! It expands its culinary palette by offering dishes from different horizons from South America with unique and explosive flavors 🌮


Mediterranean street food
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A fan of street food and nutrition, Johanna Page offers a bouquet of very healthy and gourmet organic plates and mezze! The son of the lens proves that healthy and street food are compatible. She reveals herself as Zäatar, her fetish spice.

PATTY – the best burger


After managing to conquer the London markets, dedicated to street food and customers oriented with a “Food Tour”, Iggy Tetaert lands in Magmaa! We offer 4 versions of “finest burgers”: duck, lamb, vegetarian or beauf with fries cooked twice in duck fat 🤤

PADSHA – AFGHAN CUISINE (ephemeral kiosk)

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Travel between the Middle East and Asia, discovering Afghan cuisine thanks to Benafsha and Masood Sadat! Their goal? Share a part of their culture by offering typical dishes from their childhood. Vegetables and herbs are grown in your own garden to find their unique taste and fragrance.

TÖSTE – KITCHEN NOMAD (ephemeral kiosk)

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Revealed during the last season of Top Chef, Lucie Berthier Gembara will be the chef in residence for a period of 6 months in which she aims to offer a unique specific offer prepared for the dining room. She will also lead cooking workshops during the summer


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A few treats for Magmaa with Isabelle and Jean-Charles Baron-Lefevre. Flipped ice cream, regressive toppings waffles, screwed pancakes, cabbage bar… It’s Nantes-style sweet food waiting for us on Nantes Island🧁


bar magma

We end with the duo Christophe Roy and Guirec Belaud who will be at the controls of the Magmaa Bar! Here, you can refresh yourself by sipping a good beer, enjoying good wine while respecting the planet! I believe in them: “Less transport, less waste, more premises and more organic! ”. Special mention to the fact that the bar is both indoor and outdoor.

Then you conquered? What is your preference? On the day of the discovery of the first Food Hall in the Cité des Ducs, then see you next June 30 on Île de Nantes 😎

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Where? 2 rue Frida Kahlo

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