“We saw like a mini-leopard”: a serval captured in Tourcoing?

This Sunday at the end of the day, firefighters intervened on rue de Guisnes and rue Winoc-Choqueel for a wild animal. After four hours, the animal was captured without veterinarians being able to determine if it was a serval or a savannah.

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This Sunday around 5pm, firefighters were warned of the presence of a wild animal in a courtyard rue de Guisnes in Tourcoing. « It was seen like a mini leopard caring walking on the roofs of garages. He didn’t look aggressive but you never know. And then he attacked a chicken coop in a garden Testifies a resident of a residence. About twenty firefighters, the municipal police and the national police were deployed in the sector.

An 18 month old feline

Thanks to the drones, the animal was located in a garden on the nearby Winoc-Choqueel street. « C’est un chat très haut, which can impress more, which does not seem aggressive “Said Lieutenant Christophe Depoortère, who led the operations. The canine brigade was also called in as reinforcements. « They have good knowledge of animals and especially NACs (new pets) for which we are increasingly solicited. They know how to approach animals. »

Les pompiers managed to attract the animal after anesthesia.
Les pompiers managed to attract the animal after anesthesia.

The feline had settled in the back of a garage driveway. Police quickly identified where the animal came from, probably from an apartment on Winoc-Choqueel Street. Mais and the residents were able to provide the health card, which states that the owner was traveling to Paris. The cat is said to be named Prince and is 18 months old. His papers indicate that he is a savannah, a race close to serval.

Savannah or servile?

Eventually a fire veterinarian managed to put the feline to sleep with an anesthetic sting. The animal was taken to the municipal pound of Tourcoing. Firefighters and police will now have to determine if it is a savannah or a serval. « Then it will be necessary to see if the owner’s papers are in order and to know the conditions of purchase and accommodation of the animal. If all goes well, a procedure can be initiated Says a firefighter.

Depending on its weight, the savannah must be authorized. Detention of a serval requires a certificate of capacity for non-domestic animals issued by the prefecture.

The animal was taken to the municipal pound.
The animal was taken to the municipal pound.

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