Web review. Fez: The young woman who filmed her dog killing a kitten in court

From Majda Benthami on 20/05/2022 at 19:09

Kiosk360. Fez: The young woman, who filmed her dog killing a kitten, will be tried at large; the government provides details on Morocco’s wheat reserves; a BBC journalist shows off his private conversation with a nurse in Morocco and raises an outcry; Elon Musk accused of sexual harassment. To round.


Fez: The young woman, who had filmed her dog killing a kitten, in court. Elle will play free. Reactions.

The government provides information on the food security of the Kingdom. Morocco’s wheat reserves were discussed at the government spokesman’s weekly press briefing. Reactions.

A BBC journalist has a private conversation he had with a nurse who had been given a PCR test at Mohammed V Airport and was forced to delete his tweet following the outrage of the internet users.

Elon Musk accused of sexually harassing one of SpaceX employees.

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