What a dog has been witnessing a chance to take refuge for a year, a sad video that looks ignored by visitors has changed

At the shelter, visitors paraded in front of Rocky’s box without paying attention to this quality dog. A reality he had been living for a year and a video summed up. It is precisely this sequence that has accelerated things for the canid.

The team of the Humanitarian Society for Hamilton Countywhose refuge is at Fishermen in the state of Indiana, had been dreaming of this moment for a year. One of their protégés, answering to the name of Rocky, has finally found a loving family. It was a moving video, posted 2 months before its adoption, that made the difference, it reported WLWT.

Article illustration: What a dog assistance to the chance of refuge from a sad video that looks ignored by visitors has all changed
Human society for Hamilon county / Facebook

This is a 25-second time-lapse sequence, where the 6-year-old Pitbull crusader was seen watching visitors pass his box without paying attention to him. The poor canid always hoped to be looked at, talked to, but the few people who stopped in front of him and his card did not linger.

It’s pouring Rocky, who stood up and wagged his tail as he watched them, it was only a succession of disappointments. In the shelter, the staff members knew his qualities perfectly and did not understand why they could not be adopted.

He was looking for a family with no children under the age of 16 or any other pets. A la Humanitarian Society for Hamilton Countyhe was described as ” easy going, loving and loving people ”, Adoring sweets, stuffed animals and car rides, among other things.

Rocky had a long stay with the host family, and she made a donation to the association to allow him to continue his educational sessions, to make the best family dog ​​possible.

To the new thing of the world!

The video has attracted many internet users. Some contacted the shelter to find out about Rocky. Even if it didn’t work out, the publication made things go wrong for the animal.

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On April 30, the association reported on its page Facebook that he was on probation with a family. Then, on Friday, May 20, she announced that she had finally adopted him.


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