What are the optional warranties?

Unsurprisingly, car insurance is mandatory under the law. Between “all risks” insurance and minimum union obligations, to know civil liability, there is, however, a significant number of guarantees for all options. What options are optional?

Car insurance, an indispensable contract

As well as a driver’s license, self-insurance – which is intended to cover a minimum of damage to a third party – is the other condition. sine qua none to take the wheel. Criminal offense, the lack of insurance is thus subject to a fine of € 3,750, sometimes accompanied by a withdrawal of the license for a period of 3 years, or even the confiscation of the car and the obligation to follow a road safety awareness stage.

However, the personal coefficient of bonus-malus, the cost of a car insurance can vary greatly from one insurer to another. Thanks to online comparators, such as lecomparateurassurance.com, internet users can now easily study the proposed rates and choose the contract best suited to their profile, their uses and their needs. Each offer contract plus different degrees of coverage, depending on the guarantees subscribed …

How do you choose the car insurance contract guarantees?

The insurance company naturally proposed to cover “all risks” or “multi-risk” to consumers, the most complete but also the most expensive of all. Do you still think you need all the guarantees included in this contract?

According to their vehicles and their regulars, certain motorists prefer to start with liability insurance (“third party”), covering property and personal injury caused to third parties and their vehicle, and then add various optional guarantees:

  • Material damage : regardless of the liability of the insured in the event of an accident, he will be compensated in the event of damage to his vehicle.
  • Conductor : in the event of an accident, the insured is compensated for all medical expenses and care. Underlying damage is covered.
  • Vol : by opting for this guarantee, the insurer will indemnify the vehicle if it is stolen and if the burglary has been proven.
  • All accidents : this guarantee covers all damage caused by the insured vehicle, such as acts of vandalism, actions of a parking lot or another parking accident …
  • Ice break : as the name implies, this option allows you to replace or repair the following equipment without frequency: windshield, bezel, side mirrors…
  • Legal protection : this guarantee provides legal aid and a charge for certain costs (lawyer…) and litigation is pending before the General Court.
  • Fire and explosion : in case of lightning, fire or explosion (not caused by the owner’s lack of maintenance), the vehicle is covered.

You are thus free from your composer a la carte car insurance contract. Depending on the optional guarantees and the respective cost, when signing a contract “tous risques” may finally prove to be more financially attractive, while being more comprehensive. It’s up to you to see!

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