What containers can be used in the kitchen to avoid unwanted compounds?

Bisphenol A, pesticides, phthalates, dioxins …names already heard without necessarily knowing what they correspond to. Il s’agit de perturbateurs endocriniens (PE), which can act directly on the development of the fetus and can have implications for future generations.

Limit or even not use certain containers in the kitchen

Beware of non-stick utensils (pans, molds, etc.) that can release perfluorinated compounds, especially if scratched or damaged. It is especially not recommended to microwave your food in contact with plastic.

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What are the alternatives?

Prefer glass or ceramic containers, or wooden (untreated) or stainless steel utensils. For example, prefer a stainless steel kettle (it exists in glass) to heat your water rather than plastic.

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