What does the DNCG ask the club to do to stay in Ligue 2?

Gérard Lopez and his teams will have believed in it to the end! To what? They have simply seen through the DNCG one or more measures with respect to the club. Indeed, the owner and president of Girondins de Bordeaux do not plan to go through a “brutal” administrative demotion to the National after his hearing before the French football financial gendarme on Tuesday afternoon. “It simply came to our notice then. Even the leaders of Fortress and King Street. After that there are investment funds left, they will not panic like that, ”said a witness. In fact, the Spanish-Luxembourg businessman immediately exchanged views with his creditors in the evening in order to start new negotiations to review their copy together with a view to the appeal.

The club will appeal the decision as early as Wednesday, according to reports from 20 minutes. The aim is clear today to find a new agreement with the two lenders very quickly to insure everyone and, above all, to go to the FFF Appeals Commission as soon as possible so as not to encroach too much on the start of the sports season. Until then, the Girondins de Bordeaux will have to find solutions on three specific points according to several sources within the DNCG.

  • Reduce (again) debt

This was one of the big issues in the talks between Gérard Lopez and the Fortress / King Street duo before this week’s meeting. Finally, all parties reached an agreement last weekend to cut the club’s debt (52 million euros) in half due to a transfer of ownership of part of it to the club. business and its partners (Jogo Bonito), with perfect delegation. In other words, the Girondins de Bordeaux will never be accountable for this 26 million euro debt. Moreover, this agreement was signed at the last minute and was only deemed “insufficient” by the DNCG.

In general, the court is asking Gérard Lopez and especially his creditors to reduce it further. With the former already getting his hands on the dough, which the DNCG hailed in passing, it is now clear to the latter that they too should make an effort on the debt that remains at the expense of the club. Will they do it? By what mechanism? On this point, it will be primarily an arm wrestling match between the club owner and the Fortress and King Street tandem. And it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

  • Chouameni and Koundé’s money has to go to the club

This was the hottest point of this Tuesday’s meeting, and that’s where Gérard Lopez’s team realized that it would be difficult to get the green light from the first hearing. “We spent more than 40 minutes on it because we wanted to make them understand our will,” said a relative of the DNCG. This will be the money that the Girondins will recover on the interesting sales of Aurélien Tchouaméni at Real Madrid (10-11 million euros) and cell possible of Jules Koundé (6-7 million) euro) go directly into the club’s coffers and do not serve to repay the debt as a matter of priority and ultimately to go first and foremost in the pockets of Fortress and King Street. For the time being, this also includes the agreement reached by Gérard Lopez in recent days.

“It’s completely paradoxical, but at the same time, the DNCG is in a certain benevolent way with the Girondins because it seeks to preserve the rights of the club vis-à-vis these two funds,” said a relative of the case. . Will the Americans hear it from that ear? Possible. Gérard Lopez has a simple argument at his disposal, namely to tell Fortress and King Street to make a cross on this money at first to help the club. As it has planned to sell for almost 40-45 million euros this summer (with sales including Tchouaméni and Koundé), this cash would be affected when the club has exceeded the 22 million sales it is missing for close the budget. On this point, the DNCG wants above all that the club keeps the priority in relation to the lenders.

  • The return of the letter of guarantee

She made her big comeback this Tuesday afternoon at the meeting. The famous letter of guarantee for Americains brings since 2018 to discover all the financial problems of the club and they were not signed this date. First of all, the subject came back to the table when it came to addressing the club’s planned sales this summer to plug holes. The DNCG has also agreed to postpone the deadline for these sales from June 30 to the end of the summer market. Proof that she is also looking to help the Girondins. But don’t push the cap too far and that’s why she is asking the club today to guarantee its sales by a letter of guarantee from Fortress and King Street or by some other mechanism (temporarily put a certain amount under a receivable account) for the second hearing. Could this seem like official club offers? Hard to say.

According to information from 20 minutes, Les Marine et Blanc, for example, had two offers for two players for a total of 19 million euros, but will they remain valid after Tuesday’s decision by the DNCG?

“With this announcement, it will become very complicated to sell, you must not have done Saint-Cyr to understand it, so it is difficult to bet on it in view of the call scheduled for early July,” said a relative of the club.

The other strategy is the previous point, that is to leave the money of the Tchouaméni to the club that will allow to lower the obligation to sell this former to 12 million euros. However, the letter of guarantee should not be difficult to provide for a “small” sum, even this time it will be much stricter in view of previous seasons. Maybe Gérard Lopez could be a guarantor…

“In any case, I warned everyone, and especially the investment funds, that without this letter or real guarantees, it would not pass. In essence, they replied, “Gérard, go like this, we’ll see if it can happen and we think so,” but it’s very bad for the DNCG to think like that and I was right. , insists a relative of the case. Now everyone is a little in the mold and the funds are stuck themselves, either they are helping the club by making an effort, or the club is sinking and they will have to sit on their 52 million euros. »

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