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When the human is not there, the cat dances … It would be quite possible to overturn the classic proverb, if one wonders what our little one is doing feline preferred in the absence of his master. This animal independent, rather autonomous, and who can be left alone for several hours, indulges in effect at different activities during the day, some of which you might be surprised.

He sleeps

Did you know that a cat passes on average 16 hours a day sleep ? So it’s no surprise that this is your little companion’s first occupation during your absence. He sleeps throughout the day alternating between different phases of light, deep and paradoxical sleep. An adult chat can sleep up to 24 complete cyclesinterspersed with periods of activity more or less intense. On the other hand, an elderly cat sleeps around 6pm, and a kitten up to 8pm a day.

He does his daily stretches

All these microsieties logically make cats want to stretch. He therefore performs these specific movements to awaken the muscles and in chase the numbness. These actions are also valuable for global health: they promote the blood circulationrelieve them TENSIONSwhile bringing it to him comfort and well-being.

He eats

The cat also benefits from the absence of its master and a quiet environment for eat in peace. Nous savons in fact that what kind of works at a pace of 10 to 15 small meals a day. So it is important to always leave him food available, so that he can have access to it at the time that suits him best. If you are absent, remember to fill his bowl before leaving; otherwise you can opt for one distributor which will deliver the croquettes in your absence.

It is also important not to forget the water so that your little feline can hydrate properly. Finally, be sure to keep all plants that may be toxic to animals out of reach, as cats are often tempted to eat them. purge.

He washes himself

It’s a fact: your cat likes to be clean. He thus devotes long minutes each day to his WC, potentially during your absence. This routine first allows him to get rid of dust and dirt external parasites which clutter his hair. It also guarantees good health, and beauty the impermeability of its coat. Le fait de se lécher offers him to provide a valuable opportunity to relax, in favor of secretion.endorphins.

He makes his claws

In line with the previous point, the cat takes advantage of your absence for make his claws. This is a very important step for him, in order to maintain and the sharpen for hunting; but also to prevent them from weakening or breaking naked. So feel free to install more scratchers and to place them in strategic places in your interior, lest you see a cat face its claws on the couch!

I’m exploring

Le chat is an extreme animal curious. During your absence, he will have to constantly inspect and check every corner of the house, in order to satisfy his envy exploration.

If you are used to letting it out, it will probably take the catwalk provided for this purpose for the adventure. All these round trips, however, have a common goal: the cat needs mark its territory, especially if not castrated or sterilized. He then patrols to make sure the pheromone that he emitted by rubbing or scratching, or even urinating, are easily detectable. If the latter phenomenon is obviously feared by apartment cat owners, the marking effect by the cat with his head on the corners of furniture or doors meant he felt good in his environment. When he is outside, he also enjoys it make his presence knownand to trace the traces left by its congeners.

He hunts

Even if he is domesticated, the cat’s instinct has not changed. He thus continues to chase away everything that moves under his mustache, whether it is an insect or a mouse. This is one for him recreational activitywhich allows him both to spend and maintain your reflexes.

He looks out the window

If you live in an apartment, it is normal that you will not let your cat out, due to the many dangers of the city. The felines adoring though being able to observe what is going on outside, once again because of their great curiosity. The cat can spend hours looking through the window, contemplating passers-by, cars or birds. He needs one for that good observation post so that it is high enough: a chair, a cat tree or a hammock placed strategically will do the job. What the vigilance work participates in their mental balance, while helping them to occupy their day.

He plays

The game embodies an important need for the cat, and remains crucial to it stimulation. And many cats are happy to play with their master when he is present, they also like to entertain themselves. Their imagination first encourages them to play with their shadow or reflection, a thread that protrudes, an insect that flies… If they feel like it, it will be extremely easy for them to find a source of entertainment, however basic it may be. On the other hand, if you have taken care to have a few toys in the house before you leave, you will probably notice when you return that some have changed places: this is a sign that your cat is having fun in your absence! This is an excellent one wellness indicator in the animal.

He’s doing nonsense

Qui dit jeu dit however risk of skidding… It may end up on your chat to deliver a few facets during his free time at home. He took advantage of times without having to do what you usually forbid, such as climbing on a piece of furniture or going to a room that you refuse access to. To avoid this, for example, think about closing the doors and folding down the toilet flap. It is not uncommon for him to try to steal food or drop objects on the ground. And this sauce, don’t scold him when you see it, because it will be too late: the memory of the animal does not allow him to realize what he did a posteriori. We advise you to wait for him to take action, and try to make him understand that what he has just done naked should not be repeated. You can use this simple techniques, and especially non-violent : use a water spray, make an unpleasant noise, etc. If your cat does the same thing over and over again, feel free to tell your vetwhich may direct you to a behaviorist if necessary.

He gets bored

Cats can sometimes get bored, especially if your absence is prolonged. It is important to make sure at the time of departure that your pet has everything you do not need. corpse food dispensers egg smart games, who can be a programmer before leaving, also presents himself as a good way to occupy his hours of solitude. Your little feline will then be all the happier to get you back!

If you want to know what your cat does in your absence, there are finally some special rooms to install at home, connected to an application. You can do that follow your little companion liveas if you were with him at home.

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