What is dostarlimab, the miracle molecule that cured all cancer patients in a clinical trial?

The twelve patients with rectal cancer saw their tumor disappear in six months thanks to the use of this drug. And no side effects.

A real feeling in curing colorectal cancer. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 5 reported the extraordinary result of an American clinical trial.

Twelve patients with colorectal cancer with tumors stopped all the usual treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy … for six months to take o molecule used the bazaar cancer of the endometrium.

A drug that does not directly attack cancer cells

The drug in question is the dostarlimaba monoclonal antibody.

The catch was all done every three weeks the pendant six months of the test.

The molecules do not agitate directly on the cancer cells, but they allow the immune system to explode, as researcher Hanna K. Sanoff explains in a full article in the New England Journal of Medicine study.

Patients knew that at the end of treatment, they should see a procedure to remove the tumor (s) before chemotherapy. He just tested the molecule on them

100% healing, but caution is still needed

At the end of the trial, all 12 patients were followed for a few months, but none showed any signs of tumor.

Dr. Luis Diaz, a co-author of the study, told the New York Times: the first time this has happened in the history of cancer“.

ITall patients tested during this clinical trial this entry in remission.

In addition, during the clinical trial, no side effects on patients was not noted.

But the results must be relativized. Beyond the hope they arouse.

It should be noted that this treatment is already used for other types of cancer and not at the same cure rate. In addition, the clinical trial was very limited to only 12 patients.

At the moment, the patients in question no longer have cancer, but caution must also be exercised. Between total healing and remission, it is not the same thing.

The authors of the publication have clarified this: for the time being, there is no question of using this treatment as a cure, so other more aggressive treatments are not to be excluded from the care protocol. on the contrary.

A molecule that has not been authorized for reimbursement in France

The molecule has already been tested, especially in France, for patients with endometrial cancer in 2021.

The laboratory had thus been granted temporary use.

Subsequently, the High Health Authority issued an unfavorable opinion on the reimbursement by Social Security of this molecule (called Jemperli), in 2021 in the treatment of adult patients with endometrial cancer.

She justified that, “in the context where no robust comparative data are available to guarantee the soundness of the conclusions on the effect of treatment with Jemperli (dostarlimab), the introduction of this drug into the therapeutic strategy would be accompanied by a risk more important than for medicines whose effectiveness is based on a comparison made with a risk control to wrongly conclude the effectiveness of the treatment. “

It should be noted that this drug costs more than 10,000 euros per dose.

More research on this molecule will inevitably continue to have excellent results on this type of cancer and may be on others …

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