What is the use of the drawer under your kitchen oven? You will be very surprised!

Do you know what the drawer under your kitchen oven is for? People Act Magazine explains all your pictures …

This oven drawer is not dedicated to storing pots and pans. But what is it really for? People Act Magazine, you give all the details on the subject.

The kitchen is a favorite place in the house. We spend a lot of time there: we let our culinary talents speak, or we share stories and memories with family and friends.

We are therefore surrounded by practical devices that help us in our daily life.

The oven, an essential appliance: what is the compartment for?

Among the appliances, there is the oven. Even though it is used every day, it holds secrets that few people know about. One of them is the compartment at the bottom of the oven. It looks like a simple storage drawer, which is common in most kitchens. So we use it to store our utensils, such as pots and pans.

Nowadays, many ovens have a compartment under the appliance door. Some naked people don’t even know it exists, while others have used it as a simple storage room where they put food film, parchment paper, gold pots and pans. Far from being a simple storage compartment, a real function is much more useful than not thinking about them.

The kitchen oven: an amazing feature

Originally, this space was created as a heating drawer, to keep warm the food that has just been baked in the oven. So, after preparing a good roast chicken, instead of leaving it in the open air on the kitchen counter, you can put it in this drawer to keep it warm before going to the table. A very ingenious idea.

Not all models have this type of space, sometimes there is only a simple fixed system. But if the vulture has it, it would be a shame not to use it.

How to be sure it is a heated drawer?

Kitchen oven: To find out if the drawer under the oven is a heated drawer, it is essential to check two specific features.

First of all, the compartment must be made of the same material as the oven itself. Another key clue: either you will find a message noted inside the compartment itself, or the oven manual will indicate the exact functionality of this drawer.

It is specified that the drawer is made only to keep food warm inside this space. He doesn’t have the power to heat them like a microwave or bake them like the oven itself. It is important to read what we have just written and not to be mistaken.

Kitchen Oven: How Does the Heated Drawer Work?

Which compartment works very simple: use the hot air released through the four to keep the food warm that sorts the appliance. Thus, you like the preservative at the right temperature before it is served at the table.

This is very practical when the menu of the day has different plates, which make you cure au four. As they cook successively, this space prevents you from heating in the oven or microwave.


This solution is very useful, especially when you have invited them home and they arrive a little late! In fact, when you receive from the world, you want to share a moment of conviviality and not have to stay in the kitchen all evening. This heat storage device is very practical. More and more French women and men have started cooking with confinement. During this period, many people were busy in the kitchen. In the weeks and months to come, People Act Magazine will not fail to offer you some very useful practical advice for your daily life.

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