What styles, colors and materials do you choose to create a modern decor?

Le printemps is not only the season of nature renovation, but also the season of house renovations … And although, it seems to you that it is always to be renovated and redecorate the kitchen and the moment is the end, you probably feel overwhelmed by excitement, but also somewhat lost in the cosmos of conceptual possibilities. Rest assured, “How to arrange a functional and aesthetic space?” This is the question, with capital letters, that everyone puts themselves in such a situation. We will try, therefore, to give you some possible answers in the form of a gallery of inspired photos, accompanied by some useful information, all the foods in the kitchen trends 2022. C’est parti!

Kitchen Trends Overview 2022

Do you know what is the key to creating a dream kitchen like a pro? You may have guessed, that was the important budget, which was the key to success… In fact, all the money in the world is useless without the right basic ideas to develop! So, without further ado, here are a dozen that illustrate the 2022 cooking trends that are simply a must!

Divide to rule better

what trends kitchen 2022 design semi open canopy island bar living room

As for the overall layout of the space, one immediately notices that the so-called open kitchens are still in the wind. However, it is noticeable that the different functional areas become a little more autonomous through the partitions, the canopies, the cloisters and so on. They probably have a semi-open design and it’s just gorgeous!

The materials were taken into account

kitchen trends 2022 black cabinets matt wood floor island white marble

Bathroom by bathroom, the kitchen materials are not only decisive for the stylistic appearance, but also in terms of ease of maintenance. Of course, wooden kitchen decoration remains an unbeatable classic, but the floor space on the ceiling is no longer dressed. Depending on the style, you can add painted wooden cabinets, stools with a raw texture, accessories with attractive species, and so on.

kitchen trends what style color design furniture choose modern decor

For example, minimalist kitchens have tolerated less than the traditional organic material that airs straight from the chalets de montagne. Either way, 2022 kitchen trends teach us that natural parquet flooring, a countertop or a rough wood table are totally in, but rarely all at once. What other materials should be considered in the creative process?

trendy kitchen ideas 2022 vintage spirit terrazzo worktop

It goes without saying that marble is another classic to consider, especially if you want to add a touch of aristocracy to your decor. Still, don’t do too much to end up with a space devoid of artistic creativity, or even downright boring. And have you ever discovered the decorative effect of terrazzo as a sideboard, flooring or countertop? We can safely say that it is the 2.0 stone!

And what about colors?

kitchen trends 2022 quel style color design decor retro objects

You probably already know that there are colors to avoid in the kitchen because of their rather negative effects on our mood. So there are tones to be preferred, right? Yes, according to experts, shades of green are among the best shades to use when decorating this space because of their soothing effect, stimulating appetite and creative thinking without at the same time upsetting the mind too much.

2022 kitchen trends color decadent furniture brass handles

Nevertheless, does this theory coincide with the latest 2022 kitchen trends? Well, yes and no. Green is certainly one of the fashionable colors this year, but it is being adopted in a more discounted version. In addition, it is combined with plenty of white and light shades to balance it and make it easier to “digest”. Gradually, the white and wood kitchen that has been raging lately is starting to recede.

bohemian kitchen trends 2022 what color design furniture materials to choose

Of course, if you want to arrange a bohemian kitchen, which is a super popular option in 2022, you can choose all the colors that you will do well and put together! Ditto for more textures! We take the exposed brick of industrial kitchen, the kilims of exotic spaces, the colors of the cabinets of neo-classical concepts and we mix them all together in one frankly magical design!

Other kitchen trends 2022

kitchen trends 2022 rustic style modern chic industrial accents

The faucet and fittings with copper, brass and rose gold finish are absolutely in

kitchen trends 2022 old style faucet metal worktop white marble

Magnificent wardrobes and neo-classical style kitchen clothing

kitchen trends 2022 what style color design chic built-in pantry

Fans of chic country style will love this charming farm sink

kitchen trends 2022 style champetre modern sink farm tile

Barn-minded kitchen with indigo high stools as an eye-catching accent

trendy kitchen 2022 style barn country chic chic country furniture

If you want a complete kitchen, decorate your welcoming “sock” textures

2022 trends what style color design white and wood kitchen furniture

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