what the radio shows is unprecedented!

She worries about her puppy and takes him to the vet: what the radio shows is unprecedented!

When her bitch started to change her behavior, her anxiety went up a notch.

Daisy is a 12 week old little bitch who has already made her own. One morning, a short time ago, her human found that she was out of shape: the bitch had lost her appetite and was vomiting.

Without wasting a second, she makes an appointment with her vet to find out what Daisy is suffering from and get her back on her feet.

A real record

Quickly, the vet realizes that the concern is coming from the little bitch’s stomach and makes her go through a radio. And there it is, the shock. He discovers in the image that the bitch has swallowed 20 coins! A real record in this veterinary clinic where he is used to treating dogs that have swallowed forbidden things.

Fortunately, Daisy has been able to be taken care of on time and is now doing much better. But if his human hadn’t been careful, these pieces could have been fatal to him …

At least change your dog’s behavior, don’t forget to consult a veterinarian.

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