When he returns home, a man discovers that his puppy has shredded € 1,500 – Unusual

When he returned home, a man discovered that his puppy had shredded € 1,500

The emotional lift was total for this om who planned to afford a car with this down payment.

As we all know, puppies often have an overflowing passion for nonsense and have a lot of imagination when it comes to implementing them. A Belgian who was planning to buy a car recently paid for it.

A puppy who likes to shred everything

Absent for a few minutes, Grégory nu imagined a second finder the 1500 euros provided for the purchase of his new car in a thousand pieces. And yet that’s exactly what happened with her 8-month-old puppy named Sally.

Passionate about everything that can be eaten and torn, the puppy crossed paths with the tickets and decided to crumble them into his basket. A shock to Gregory who then thought he had lost all of his down payment for his new vehicle.

Fortunately for him, the National Bank (BNB) can exchange money under two conditions: the note must have been destroyed unintentionally and it must not be torn to more than 50%. Two conditions that Grégory met.

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