Which dog breed to choose?

Le chien is considered the best ami de l’homme. However, are all dogs compatible with your lifestyle, family composition, hobbies? Which dog breed to choose for a perfect deal?

About 340 dog breeds are officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Suffice it to say that the choice is vast. However, does the breed really have an influence on a dog’s behavior? No, according to a study published in April 2022 in the journal Science. “New findings disprove that certain races are more aggressive, more common, or more affectionate than others,” study authors Elinor Karlsson and Kathleen Yates of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Broadcasting Institute. A meta-analysis published in 2015 had already reached the same conclusion. On the other hand, different environmental and social factors can influence the behavior of dogs.

How to choose your dog?

In order to choose a dog breed adapted to his lifestyle, it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the conditions in which the dog was raised: is he used to being alone? Does he need to take long walks? Is he a fugitive? With children, adopting a puppy can be wise, as it will get used to children from an early age. La taille du chien is also a criterion, it must not be taken into account. A person who travels often will be able to carry a small dog more easily. With a big dog, you will have to have an extra budget to make your wardrobe. Some breeds, such as the Great Dane and the King Charles Cavalier, are also considered to be more fragile in terms of health, which means higher veterinary costs: so consider if you have a small budget.

What are the regulated dog breeds in France?

Accidents involving a pit bull and a child are often reported in the media. However, pit bull dogs have been banned in France since 1999. Legea nr. 99-5 of 6 January 1999 on dangerous and stray animals and the protection of animals includes the detention of potentially dangerous dogs, which are divided into two categories: attack dogs and guard and defense dogs. The first category refers to dogs assimilated to pit bull, mastiff and tosa. They are prohibited from importing and reproducing. The second category refers to pit bulls, Tosa and Rottweilers. To own a dog of one of these breeds, you must have a license, muzzle the dog, have it neutered, and not take public transportation with it.

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