Which exercises to do at home burn the most calories?

You have certainly consulted an expert to find out what you need to do to burn calories at home, because you thought that was impossible and you have never noticed any improvement.

Which exercises at home burn the most calories?

Well, after much research, here are the best:

The exercises that burn the most calories for 30 minutes to do at home are the following:

  • skipping rope 400-600,
  • mountain climbing 240-370,
  • sprints 240-365,
  • Jumping Jacks 240-354 et
  • knee or heel courses 240-355.

To burn more calories, it is recommended to increase the intensity of exercise.

How to exercise at home to burn fat?

To burn fat, you need to do HITT. What is HIIT? You may have no idea what this is, but I’m here to explain it to you. This workout can be done in the car house, it does not depend on the exercise, more on the intensity with which you do it.

HIIT is a high intensity interval workout. This is a series of short bursts of exercise with an aerobic capacity of over 70%, these bursts should be performed by alternating a very fast exercise of 30 seconds with a minute of rest.

By performing this type of intense exercise, you will burn a lot of calories in less than 30 minutes. The key is to increase your heart rate to increase your calorie intake.

Exercises at home that burn more calories

These exercises are rated from lowest calorie to lowest calorie, and when performing the exercises you want to lose weight, increase your muscle mass or define your muscles, it is important that you know routines that are used to burn calories.

We know that jogging 30-35 minutes a day, even if it’s super efficient and easy, isn’t always the healthiest. In fact, from a physical point of view, they are increasingly damaging your joints and your risk of injury.

For the leg muscles, when you do not have to drop and pass correctly before and after jogging, it can cause serious injuries.

That’s why I bring you these exercises that you can do at home to be more effective and get a good result to burn calories and be healthy. I will still tell you the caloric expenditure that each produces.

There are other factors that depend on the burning of the burn plus calories, these factors can be:

  • Duration of the exercise.
  • Your weight.
  • Your size.
  • Intensity.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Important Tip: The key, always important, is to focus on high-intensity exercises that increase your heart rate.

Here are some easy exercises to burn calories to do if you don’t want to overwork or if you don’t have time to do an intense routine.

Jogging from knee to hip

It is extremely easy to exercise at home, it is enough to lift your knees as high as possible, even better and it is above the hips during the race. This is a very good exercise, which speeds up your heart rate and strengthens your lower body. The key to a higher intensity for exercise is a more important and faster effect is to move the bras from top to bottom quickly.

This wonderful exercise has a calorie expenditure of 240 – 355 calories in 30 minutesyou can do it every day.

Heel to heel running

This exercise is very easy and is actually one of the most common exercises that are recommended to us. You can do it at home by simply running without moving your seat.

This exercise consists of bringing one heel back and the same with the other heel, the key is a quick movement in alternating the heels, as before, you can burn more calories by performing kicks with a high intensity of the heels .

In this exercise, the calories burned in 30 minutes from 240 to 355.


This exercise begins and ends with intensity, it starts by placing you in a plank position, put your shoulders on your hands, lift your right knee towards the center of your chest and repeat with your left knee, do it quickly.

This exercise has the peculiarity of being a little strong, because it makes the whole body work. Because the function of this exercise is to use the whole body, you will burn a large amount of calories in a short time.

The calories you can burn in 30 minutes with this wonderful exercise range from 240 to 370 calories.


You can do this exercise at home without giving up the chair. The important thing is not to run, but to do it at intervals, speeding up and slowing down the intensity.

Sprinting is a course, it is the exercise that burns the most calories. You can reduce exercise to high-intensity exercise, the more your body continues to burn calories faster.

The most important thing is that when you are running at high or low intensity, you must always be careful and attentive when you go running and stretching very well when jumping.

Calories burned in 30 minutes from 240 to 365.

Elastic jumps

This is an intense exercise, which requires some endurance. To do this, place your feet together, arms along your body, jump with your legs shoulder-width apart, and bring your arms above your head. Repeat the operation as many times as you want.

The calories burned in this exercise par minute ranging from 8 to 11.8.


If you are one of those people who dances all the time and this is one of your hobbies, feel free to include it in your calorie burning exercise list. Even if you don’t burn a lot of calories (6.6 to 9.8 per minute). If you do this several times a day, every day, you could benefit a lot more from it.

It’s a great recreational and fun way to burn calories while boosting your heart rate while dancing, and you can definitely change your mind about all the stress and problems of dancing.

Skipping rope

This is something that many people think only children do, but they are wrong. This is a very common weight loss exercise because it improves not only cardio but also your coordination.

Rope jumping is another excellent physical and recreational exercise that allows you to burn between 400 and 600 calories in 30 minutes. If you push and do it with more intensity, the calories burned will be much more important.

It is very important to know that the more jumps you make per minute, the faster your heart rate will be. It is essential to increase your heart rate if you want to burn calories.

Do this exercise and you will have fun, you will have more endurance in your legs and buttocks, you will improve your arms and you will burn a lot of calories.

* Press the effort to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given cannot replace the opinion of a health professional.

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