Why are conservative men so afraid of “cat women”?

“How many of these women are mobilizing against the repeal of Roe V. Wade are over-graduated and unloved millennials, who are sadly returning home after demonstrations for a solo, microwave-heated dinner, with their cats and no match on Bumble? ”

This delicate tweet is signed by the member of the House of Representatives of the United States of America Matt Gaetz. He is not the only one to have used this image, as JD Vance, a successful Republican nominee for the Ohio senator, has resorted to it at least twice in 2021.

“Our country is really governed, through democrats and the big business oligarchy, by a gang of childless cats and women, unhappy in their lives because of the choices they have made, who want to do the rest. of the unfortunate country too ”, Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson said.

So what are they afraid of, says journalist Sarah Jones?

Used in the anti-feminist image

In fact, she observes, the “cat woman” (Catwoman, which can also be significant chat woman) EST „An old stereotype based on stupid beliefs about single women and feminists. Associations for women and the “sphère domestique”, the chats were used in anti-feminist images “To portray the suffragettes as idiots, childish, unfit for political life”, according to The Society Pages ”, a resource bank at the University of Minnesota.

This figure in effect scares conservative men:

„The cat woman traditionally does not have a man. Her needs and habits are not dictated by a spouse or children. She can form her own opinions and she is free to do whatever she wants, which means she has time to do politics. ”

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