why did he finally have to fire his son Johan!

You met them more than a year ago on M6. Pairing father and son moving, Jean-Jacquesmanager of a restaurant located in Epoye in the Marne, worked with Johan. The latter enrolled his dad in Nightmare in the kitchen to help him climb the slope. At the time, debts were accumulating, leading to a drop in revenue in parallel with a disappearance of customers. If the September 2020 (post-confinement) show relaunched the establishment for a few days, the global pandemic was terrible for it. The boss tells us, in particular, that he had to fire his son … Where are they today? Did they keep in touch with Philippe Etchebest and solved their financial problems? Télé-Loisirs.fr took news of Jean-Jacques and his son.

Télé-Loisirs.fr : how is your restaurant?

Jean-Jacques: To this day, we are still open but recovery is difficult. On survival. There are customers who have been lost with confinement and are struggling to recover. People have become accustomed to telecommuting, they no longer come to eat on the spot. We are trying to find solutions to improve the situation, but it is still complex.

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Concretely, a year and a half later, did it bring the passage of M6?

At first, it brought us a lot of enthusiasm, even from people we didn’t know. Then there was the 2nd confinement. It must be said that the show was done at the wrong time (in September 2020, ed.) … Our business was not relaunched as we had hoped.

In retrospect, how did you experience this first television experience?

Unlike Johan, I was against it. But in view of all the steps he took, I agreed. I tell myself that people are less and less frequenting catering. In the center of Remois, there are many who have closed the door.

Have you thought about putting the key under the door too?

It was never planned to close despite the complicated situation. I was just a little annoyed by the state aid. As we are in the Urssaf, we have VAT on a quarterly basis and we have late payments, we have not been entitled to any assistance. All our financiers are lying in crisis …

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In the end, is it profitable for you to stay open?

Yes, because our turnover is stable. We manage to stay that way, even if at the moment we survive. It’s very complicated right now to stay the course …

If it had to be redone, would you try the show again?

Of course, despite the small side staging!

Did that bother you?

Not really, although there are some things Mr. Etchebest could have seen without my son telling him. We must assume that all we are going to ask for is what we will not have. I had five syrups and the only one I didn’t have was the one they asked me for … But that’s the game! On the other hand, what made me a little frustrated was the first day Mr. Etchebest came to our restaurant. You have to make a reservation for 16 people on the terrace, the production refused to let the sanitary rules get in the way. (in effect at the time of filming, ed.) and so the first thing he says when he arrives is: “there’s no one here” …

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Are you still in touch with the boss?

Currently more really, but I got it twice on the phone a few months after the broadcast. He called me to get news. After I realized that he has other shows, that I am not alone. I hope he sees us again one day.

Philippe Etchebest also helped you communicate with your sons Johan. Do you still work together?

There are no more worries between him and me, but I’m working on my own now. In view of the events, I could not keep it. I couldn’t afford to pay anyone if there were only takeaways. He still comes to give me a little help on time. Now he has his own business in the field of catering. He’s a caterer and it’s starting to work out for him!

On the financial side, have you climbed the slope, especially by settling your debts?

There have been proceedings that have been going on in recent months. Many were canceled because I was able to prove things to the appropriate authorities by settling my debts. Later in the show there are points that were addressed that did not exist. When they said there were rent delays, that’s wrong. We learned that it was the owner who called the production to say that.

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Do you see the future of your restaurant?

I will only continue a little further behind the stoves. I’m waiting for the time to retire.

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