Why do you attract mosquitoes?

Why do you attract mosquitoes?
The smell of your skin attracts mosquitoes. © Adobe Stocke

Are you the target of mosquitoes? Even if you are in a group, you want to dress everyone… Il ya une explication scientifique. We explain to you.

Your body heat

If you clear naturally plus heat, you are a perfect target for mosquitoes. corpse pregnant womenfor example, they have a higher body temperature. They are then more pricked. One epic foods body temperature also increases.

Your body odor (and perspiration)

Mosquitoes are dressed by your body odor. In a study published in Current biology In 2019, U.S. researchers found that “mosquitoes use smell as the primary means of detecting their hosts.” corpse mosquitoes like especially at sweat after physical activity. Indeed, sweat contains lactic acid, uric acid and l‘ammonia. These three substances attract mosquitoes.

The microbiota of your skin

You can wear moustiques to cause microbiota in your skin. The microbiota consists of bacteria and microbiota. Researchers have shown that the Anopheles gambiae mosquito, native to Africa, significant amount of bacteria on their skin, but of little diversity. Their study was published in the journal Plus one in 2011.

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