Why drive on the E85? What you need to know about bioethanol

While the price of Unleaded 95 often exceeds 1.65 euros per liter throughout the country, the BioEthanol for its part, is a resounding success. Also known as E85, this fuel composed of up to 85% beets and wheat attracts many motorists for its low cost (0.69 euros per liter on average). Want to get started? Compatibility, cost, car insurance… Here 5 things to know if you want to drive the E85 and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.

1) Is bioethanol compatible with all vehicles?

There are no less than 2,700 service stations that today distribute Superethanol E85. And when it comes to refueling your car, the attractive price of this fuel has certainly appealed to you. But does bioethanol work for all vehicles?

Only cars compatible with Sans Plomb 95 essence can drive on the E85. If you drive a Diesel, you can get a cross on this less polluting and cheaper fuel. Note also that the conversion of bioethanol is a simple plus for cars registered after 2000.

In any case, ask a professional (dealer, garage …) to check that the vehicle is well eligible before starting the process.

To drive a Superethanol E85 without damaging the engine of your car, you need to do the installation approved housing. Positioned under the hood, the proportion of ethanol in the tank is measured and the amount of fuel is adapted to the injector in the engine.

Be vigilant: there are many offers of boxes on the Internet at very different prices. Always look for approved equipment to ensure its efficiency: several manufacturers produce conversion kits, such as FlexFuel, Biomotors or Borel.

corpse affiliated garages There are many E85 enclosures today, so install them: check with professional networks such as Point S, Norauto or Speedy.

What to remember about bioethanol: compatible with petrol vehicles, choose an approved box and 2 times cheaper than the SP95

3) Between the price of the case and the bioethanol, is it really rented to drive on the E85?

You have to count between 600 and 1,500 euros on average, to make a bioethanol box available on your vehicle, several regions are part of the cost *:

  • Southern Region: 250 euro bioethanol transition check for furniture and the installation of the approved box (1 vehicle per person for individuals and up to 10 vehicles per company)
  • Grand Est: subsidy capped at 500 euros for a maximum of 5,000 applications (only for individuals)
  • Hauts-de-France: 40% of the conversion cost, up to a limit of 400 euros TTC (uniformity for individuals)

* information collected on December 1, 2021, see conditions for each region.

regional aid to finance an e85 box

Garages generally call for a preliminary visit to confirm the compatibility of your vehicle and to make a first-class diagnosis. If you are eligible,installation of an ethanol kit I understand:

  • the approved housing and the necessary parts
  • the assembly
  • and vehicle adjustments

Only one approved garage ensures the installation of the case without the risk of damaging your car.

The position of an E85 kit requires a starting investment, but can be reduced due to regional subsidies. The cost of Superethanol is also well below that of Unleaded 95: less taxed, it costs on average twice as cheap.

However, you should know between two and three times more bioethanol than Sans Plomb 95. The conversion of the vehicle to Superethanol-E85 is therefore less expensive for less. small rollers.

Advantages of the roller at E85

  • Low price of bioethanol
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Less noisy engine

4) What steps to take with your car insurance?

When equipping your car with a conversion machine that allows the roller to E85 or Superethanol, you need to redo your gray card. In fact, it indicates the type of fuel used and is needed to update. In this, it is very important to communicate this new gray card with your insurer.

Your vehicle is no longer exactly the same as when you took out your car insurance, one Aven will have to be brought to the contract. This can lead to a rate change. Some insurers want to encourage the eco-responsible initiatives of their policyholders and thus lower the price of insurance following the installation of the case.

5) Can E85 fuel damage your engine?

If you hire an authorized professional and your case is approved, your bare vehicle is at risk. It can be, though less efficient in winter when it is cold: starting can be more difficult and it is recommended to have a well-charged battery.

Also know that the pose of an E85 kit may void the manufacturer’s warranty but the housing manufacturer covers the parts in contact with the fuel. We recommend that you contact your dealer to ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is void in your case.

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