Why our brain needs to take breaks

PSYCHOLOGY – To get rid of metabolic waste and “regenerate” attention, our brain needs regular calm beaches. But not any care!

Cerveau is designed to operate in the form of cycles. The circadian rhythm (wake / sleep) is best known, but there is also a cycle of brain regeneration. «Can’t work more than ten minutes on a task that requires high concentration, he needs a break before starting againMichel Le Van Quyen, Inserm Research Director at the Biomedical Imaging Laboratory (LIB), Campus des Cordeliers (Paris) and author of Brain and silence: the keys to creativity and serenity and of Brain and nature, at Flammarion Editions.

Without a bubble of rest after ten minutes of intensive intellectual work, attention decreases. This is due to the fact that noise, but also the many requests such as emails, sms, calls, etc., come to stimulate the friendly system. «When the sympathetic system is overloaded, it is accompanied by an accumulated secretion of stress hormones, not norepinephrine …

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