why replace mustard in my recipes?

Strong, semi-strong, with seeds, honey, tarragon … Mustard seasons our dressings, raises our sauces and accompanies our meats for centuries. More After the shortage of sunflower oil, it becomes difficult to get your hands on a jar of mustard. in stores. And with that being said, prices are skyrocketing. Why more? And what alternatives for our recipes?

Why such a mustard shortage?

Contrary to popular belief, mustard seeds from pots sold on the shelf are not very rare problems in French production. Canada has established itself as the world’s largest producer and supplies 80% of the seeds that France imports. Or, de very high heat occurred in july 2021 in canada and affected crops. Later, the seeds became scarce, prices skyrocketed and condiments began to run out in French supermarkets. Russia and Ukraine, two other mustard seed exporters, could have been an alternative, but the war between the two countries has put an end to exports.

No mustard, how do I get my meat up?

If you can’t imagine your beef, grilled sausage, or mustard-free chicken, try the horseradish. Their taste is very close! You find this root vegetable with a spicy and peppery taste, from the same family as mustard, brassicas, on some market stalls until September (for grating raw) or in jars, in the form of pasta. According to your palace, dilute with cream to soften it and enjoy its aromatic flavor.

One Roquefort or shallot sauce can also work wonders with red meat. Pour yourself grilled or marinatedalso think about the Worcestershire sauce of English origin, less spicy than mustard but which will bring a sour-sweet touch.

To enhance the flavors of your dishes and sauces, feel free to pick from your spice cupboard or stuff it if you lack references.

For my vinaigrette, how do I do it?

Palates accustomed to raised notes can replace mustard with du wasabi. This green spice obtained from a root, also called “Japanese mustard”, is most often in the form of a paste and traditionally comes from sushi. Add it to your vinaigrette in the dossier sparingly at the beginning to adjust the palate. Like mustard, wasabi can quickly rise to the nose!

With good seasoning, a dash of lemon in your dressing can also be enough to add spice. Read also: Two changing dressing recipes

Rocket, mesclun, watercress .. Also think about varying the salads to enjoy their more or less peppery flavors.

Is a mustard without mustard possible?

Seafood or mimosa eggs on the menu but you can’t find any more mustard so you just got your hands on a bottle of oil? All is not lost! Replace golden condiment with egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of wine vinegar then proceed as usual. All you have to do is salt and pepper. In the absence of mustard, wasabi can also be invited into your mayonnaise. A tester!

Watch video from mayonnaise sans moutarde:

And for my pie bottom?

Are you used to spreading a spoonful of mustard on the bottom of your broken or puff pastry to give more flavor to your pies? Replace it with of the tapenade! Excellent for example in a tomato pie.

Aromatic herbs, an alternative?

Plant seeds of Chinese mustard in your vegetable garden. In a few weeks, you can recover your leaves and add them to the dressings to regain the taste of the condition price.

Mustard shortage: what about the internet?

And your usual supermarket is lacking in references and that must be absolutely a pot, take a tour of the organic storessometimes they still have stock.

On the internet, some sites (moyennant the shipping costs that can make you climb the note, do the calculation before!), can help you in case of urgent need of the precious condiment:


Martin-Pouret French mustards: martin-pouret.com

Edmond Fallot French mustards: www.epicerieduterroir.fr or www.edelices.com


On the Maille site, a large palette of gourmets

And you, what are your cooking alternatives if you are affected by this mustard shortage? Share your tips

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