Why the green sticker on the windshield might soon be gone

Do you have a car? So you know (very well) this ritual. Yes, change that little insurance macaron, that little green paper, by getting it right into the sticker holder, without tearing it. And that you then consciously affix, visibly, to the windshield. Well, this good old habit (of almost 40 years!) Would have been about to end, according to the information site MoneyVox.

What certificate, sent each year to their insurers, must demonstrate that the vehicle is properly insured. But it would be far too easy to falsify. In short, not far from useless. It is estimated that the number of vehicles in France without insurance is around 750,000. And it’s not eco-friendly either. Not economical.
France Assureurs (which includes 247 insurance companies) is campaigning for its abolition and is currently in parliament with the three ministries concerned, the Ministry of Economy, Transport and the Interior.

50 million documents sent to France every year

France Assureurs aims to send 50 million documents each year to France. No longer sending them allows insurance companies to save an estimated € 17 million, which they “have to” redistribute to their customers in the form of a reduction in the price of car insurance contracts.

The idea would be to replace the document with the Fichier des vehicules assurés (FVA), a file that centralizes all the information about current car insurance contracts. Instead of 2016, in today’s account more than 56 million vehicles, and reviews of accurate information on insurance contracts in force (vehicle registration, name of insurer, contract number and due dates, etc.) . It is updated almost in real time, as insurers have 72 hours to report changes.

The lack of insurance is heavily sanctioned in France: the uninsured motorist faces a fine of 3,750 euros and possibly the suspension or cancellation of his driving license, with confiscation of the car and a ban on renew his license within the next three years. A punishment that will not go away.

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