Winegrower’s deposit in the face of rising crop insurance premiums

One reluctantly accepts the sharp rise in the cost of crop insurance this year. Two winemakers testify to the imperfections of the current device.


was announced after the frost of 2021. The cost of multi-risk climate insurance has risen sharply this year. “Hausse is between 15 and 50% depending on the farm”points out Thierry Mothe, Domaine du Colombier, in Fontenay-près-Chablis, Yonne, and Secretary General of the Vignerons Indépendants de France.

Thierry Mothe, who cultivates 55 ha with his brothers, signed for 2022, May “No heartache”. On an equal footing, the cost of insurance has gone from € 87,000 to € 117,000 before aid, an increase of 35%.

In Gironde, Agnès and Philippe Person, from the Jalousie Beaulieu Vineyards in Galgon, stopped insuring their 171 ha. „There is a disproportion between the price of insurance and what is affected in the event of an accident, deplores Agnès Persoana. In 2021, we harvested 45 hl / ha on average and received nothing. For that, it would have been necessary to harvest 30 hl / ha. »

They are betting on the VCI

Without the aid, their insurance amounted to € 80,000 in 2021. This year, they did not even want to know the price. Now they are betting on the Individual Supplementary Volume (VCI). “It’s wine we need so we don’t lose market share.”CV Philippe Person. We are not against insurance. We have been insured for a long time. Moreover, the franchise is very important and in the Olympic environment too penalizing. »

For Thierry Mothe, it is urgent to review this last principle: “After the vagaries of recent years, the Olympic average is only going down. It will have to take the yield achieved for ten years, in the withdrawal in the years that ensured that it was declined. Otherwise, one may wonder about the value of insurance. » Thierry Mothe would also like to be able to harvest 15 or 20 hl / ha of VCI in the good years when the limit is 10 hl / ha today.

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