With this multifunction cuiseur robot, make the cuisine n’aura jamais fost aussi agréable

Comme chaque jour, le The Daily Geek Show you propose high-tech products likely to improve and facilitate your daily life. Today, at rédaction you propose to invest in this robot cuiseur. Capable of creating an infinity of recipes, it will come as your ideal companion in the kitchen.

In order to offer a perfectly cooked rice, this robot cuiseur has a technologie de cuisson en 7 phases specially developed pour le riz: préchauffage, absorption d’eau à température moyenne, phase de chauffage, phase de cuisson, protection nutritive, absorption d’eau courte et encore une phase de chauffage. By this form, les nutriments are retained and the arôme can be implemented in the best possible form. In addition, it is adapted for each type of rice.

You can prepare quinoa and grains, soup food, vapeur vegetables, fish and viande or food. The modern screen is clearly displayed and easy for LED lighting. Menu navigation is simple and intuitive.

cuiser robot

Ce cuiseur has a filling volume of 1.5 L and can easily prepare 8 portions of rice. Grâce à sa technologie ingénieuse, il cuit toujours le riz perfect, what do you want to prepare a small amount for yourself or for your whole family.

Le nettoyage du robot cuiseur does not demand a lot of time and effort. Il suffit de laver le pot intérieur amovible et le petit recepteur collecteur avec de l’eau et un peu de detergent. L’intérieur du cuiseur à riz can be easily cleaned with a sponge.

cuiser robot

And what product are you interested in, sachez qu’il is available au prix de €149.99. Remember, click the red button below to be redirected to the Amazon page.

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