Without a license, without insurance, a player commits an escape offense and causes an accident

In recent days, when he mentions Olympique Lyonnais, football fans for redemption, the United States, the majority shareholder or John Textor. But despite him, another OL player made headlines this week. Indeed, we confrères du Telegram reported that a young Lyon footballer had been arrested.

It all started this Monday, June 20, in the late afternoon when bikers from the CRS de Rennes, stationed in Saint-Brieuc in the city center, carried out a check. They then noticed a 20-year-old man in a vehicle and asked him to stop. The driver refused control, was chased by police and a chase began.

The player was quickly arrested after “hit a city barrier”indicated the prosecutor’s office, according to remarks reported by our colleagues from West France. He even tried to run away again, but his car, which belonged to his mother, was too damaged to restart. “The tires would have suffered and most importantly, the case would have triggered the airbags. Despite that, he would have tried to continue on his way. Degeaba.”wrote The Telegram.

After being questioned at the Saint-Brieuc police station, the respondent confessed to driving without insurance. Worse, his license was recently suspended and the accused was therefore driving illegally. He admitted all the facts and will have to explain himself before the court of Saint-Brieuc, in CRPC (Appearance on prior conviction), on January 16, 2023. The identity of the reckless driver has not been revealed.



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