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„Flexibility, reactivity and proactivity must be combined with everyday life. »

Cross-interviews are conducted in order to better understand the actors of customer relations in the companies Elected Customer Service of the Year 2022. Today, it is the turn of L’olivier Assurance, compensated in the category Insurance of bines.

What do you like most about your job?

Perrine PALE: In the constant search for the improvement of the client experience, putting in the heart of the decisions of all the actors. Reconciling the expectations of our policyholders, management and staff. We need to combine flexibility, responsiveness and proactivity with everyday life.

The life of a customer service in a nutshell?

PP: Various customer requests: from a simple green card request to very special cases. Days always well filled but with the only goal: customer satisfaction!

Remote Team Manager… What’s the difference?

PP: On the assigned tasks, no difference. On the other hand, we have shown adaptability to the management side in order to maintain a link with all the teams. The real challenge was to keep the values ​​of L’olivier and especially the Fun that is difficult to establish at a distance.

What does customer sense mean to you?

Sébastien HERBÉ: For me, having a customer sense means putting customer satisfaction at the center of our concerns.

It is also to show a real interest in the interlocutor, while questioning him about his needs, to bounce back on his words (proactivitate), to reformulate, the goal being to give a “customer experience” as pleasant as possible.

If you had to change one thing in your business, what would it be?

SH: Optimizing simple tasks. I think as a result, I would be able to add even more value to my customer interactions.

What is the right recipe for teamwork?

SH: You take 250g of “organization”, a half liter of “efficiency”, a zest of “passion”, all accompanied by a good atmosphere. This gives a succulent “team cohesion” to be able to be more and more effective together… in order to impress themselves.

Thanks to Perrine PALE and Sébastien HERBÉ for their testimonial.

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