Worldwide travel insurance: guarantees and cost

What is world tour insurance?

Traveling around the world in complete serenity is a must. This therefore requires that it be covered in all countries and for all risks. That’s why tour du monde insurance generally offers a package that includes the following guarantees (some optional):

  • guarantees of assistance (with essential search and rescue costs for fighters) and repatriation;
  • health guarantees;
  • civil liability guarantees;
  • guarantees of legal assistance and criminal bail;
  • sports guarantees that are optional (according to the contracts: practice of risky sports, but also guarantee of sports equipment);
  • individual accident guarantees;
  • theft and loss of luggage guarantees (optional);
  • travel cancellation guarantees (usually optional);
  • guarantees of flight delay, interruption of stay, etc.

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Who is this world tour insurance for?

This type of contract is intended for large travelers who leave for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 or 24 months, depending on the insurer, in remote countries (the main one in Europe) and where the risks are increased. medical care). and hospitalization costs).

Beware, however, of the age limit for the subscriber. According to insurers, these bare contracts are generally more accessible to travelers over the age of 65/66, with other contracts agreeing to guarantee people up to the age of 79.

How to choose your cover to go around the world?

The range of guarantees is high. However, not all of them are necessarily useful for every trip. It is up to each one to make sure according to his real needs that he determined according to:

  • its destination and cross-border countries (and in particular the cost of medical expenses – but not only).
  • his sports practices;
  • the cost of guarantees and the amount of deductibles applicable.

Good to know: some contracts are available even after arriving abroad and can be signed from abroad. In this case, a grace period (on average of 8 days) will then be applied.

Some contracts required a medical questionnaire. It should be noted that the contracts do not cover the consequences of accidents and illnesses prior to the date of subscription.

What does it cost to travel around the world?

Rates depend on:

  • underwritten guarantees (additional cost for optional guarantees),
  • of the countries visited (mainly divided into 3 zones),
  • of the age of the insured,
  • the length of your stay in certain countries (US and Canada in particular);
  • of the number of insured persons (certain reductions apply when traveling as a couple, family or group)).

Considering the number of settings to consider, it is difficult to indicate an average cost. However, in the case of basic guarantees and for a one-year limited coverage, an insured person under the age of 35 will have to pay a monthly contribution of 42 euros to be insured worldwide except for the USA and Canada. . It costs an average of 51.26 euros per month to benefit from the USA + Canada extension (the above rates are the average of 4 of the best known contracts on the market). The average cost is between 500 and 615 euros per year, depending on the guarantee applied or not aux USA and Canada.

Good to know: Before choosing this type of contract, more than ever, the details of the ceilings, exclusions and deductibles, guarantee by guarantee, are essential to be able to compare contracts.

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