WTW en France announces nominations for Noemie Marciano and Jean-Baptiste Kullmann (via RiskAssur edited by FRANOL Services)

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WTW in France announces nominations for Noémie Marciano and Jean-Baptiste Kullmann

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Noémie Marciano is appointed Acting Director and WTW Health & Benefits Placement Director in France, she continues as a reporter for Mélanie Birgé. For more than 2 years, Noémie has been leading the Actuarial and Risk Prevention teams within WTW în Franța’s Private and Public Sector Personal Insurance.

Noémie Marciano holds a DESS Actuarial degree from the Université Paris Dauphine and an actuary, a member of the Institut des Actuaires.

Before joining Gras Savoye in 2014, as Customer Manager and then Sales Manager in Corporate life to support “Large Companies” customers in monitoring and managing their social protection schemes, Noémie spent 7 years at Generali as Manager des Solutions d’assurance.

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