Your cat hates 10 things, and you should definitely avoid them!

You think everything you know about your chat. The life of a feline has no secrets for you. But do you really know what scares or annoys a cat?

Our cats are like stuffed animals. Gentle, cuddly, they are able to heal us with their purrs. Sure, they can annoy us too. When they lose their hair, scratch furniture, constantly meow at doors or windows and so on.

And sometimes you don’t understand chat reactions. To help you understand, here are ten things cats really don’t like and shouldn’t do it naked in the presence of your cat.

They feel noticed

Cats don’t like to be watched. Of course, there is nothing cuter than a feline sleeping, stretching its soft belly, grooming, or playing ball. It makes you want to watch it all day long. However, cats hate to be seen all the time, especially in the eyes. You need to avoid as much as possible.

At best, your cat feels destabilized. At worst, he will be scared and could even attack you. In nature, when two cats look each other in the eye, it is a provocation, an invitation to fight. When they look at you on the chat, it’s better to blink or just look at them from the corner of your eye.

Loud / sudden noises

A door slamming, a closet slamming shut, an object falling. Few things are enough to change your conversation. Cats don’t like noise! Also, when they are surprised, they often oscillate between a frightened look and a panicked escape.

When your conversation is on the same track, try to be respectful. Avoid playing loud music, arguing loudly, clapping your hands, and so on. Your chat may run away immediately. Your chat could run away immediately.

A change of routine

Just like us, cats have their habits. They can’t stand change. Find out what time your cat will have breakfast and calm him down for dinner. Chat owners know that if you forget to set your alarm, your chat will act as a backup alarm.

As your chat is very attached to the routine, he misunderstands the change. Did you buy any new furniture? Are you moving? Is a baby coming or is a friend moving? Has the litter box been moved? Sorry, your chat is more likely to be annoyed by these changes. If you need to make changes, do so gently so that your cat is not too disturbed and gets used to its new environment.

Strong odors

Whether they are good or bad, cats are sensitive to odors, and they do not like strong odors. A poorly cleaned litter box will not suit them (or you, by the way). But it’s not just unpleasant odors that are not suitable for cats.

We cats do not like the classic kitchen smells (onion, garlic, vinegar, cinnamon …). They also don’t like essential oils in particular. Don’t be surprised, so your cat doesn’t keep company while you cook. It is best to avoid fragrant litière, which are not du du goût of your chat because they are odor sensitive.


If you’ve already splashed your chat with water, or accidentally sent a few splashes, you know cats hate it. With very few exceptions, no cat likes water, and most carefully avoid contact with it.

It is not necessary at all to give a cat a bath. These animals are naturally very clean and take good care of their fur. When you have a drink in your chat, fill your gamelle with fresh and clean water (sans poussière). For a cat, the water is only for drinking, do not put it on its coat.

Wake up startled

You look at your sleeping cat peacefully, in a very comfortable position, and you have only one desire: to caress him. However, cats (like us) do not like to be awakened from their sleep.

We wake up, so surprise the conversation when it’s in Morphée’s arms. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s for his own good. Let your cat sleep as long as he wants (and be patient, cats sleep up to 18 hours a day!). Don’t do anything to your cat, you don’t want him to do it to you.


Cats, like most pets and like us, do not like boredom. They do not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction when they find a long time, for example by meowing or scratching furniture.

To keep your cat from getting bored, find something to keep him busy with: toys, balls, balls of wool, or even simple rolls of empty paper are usually the way to go.

Closed doors

Cats don’t like to feel excluded. More broadly, felines are independent animals, firmly attached to their freedom. You must have already noticed when you had the misfortune of leaving a door closed.

Give yourself the maximum free chat to run and come to his guise. If you have an outdoor space accessible for your chat, feel free to install a chatière. Otherwise, your cat may knock on your door until you open it. Les traces de griffes are guarantees.

Being manipulated

Yes, cuddling, petting and listening to her cat purr is very soothing. However, be aware that cats do not like to be manipulated all the time. What is pleasing to you naked is not necessarily pleasing to them. When it comes to hugs, as with many other things, cats have to set their own rules.

When your conversation approaches you, rubs against your legs, or gives you a small nod, you probably want to be petted. Egg simply manger. But as soon as he goes about his business, he can’t stand being bothered by caresses. So let him live his life. And of course, never take your cat by the tail, he will hate it!

Doing too much travel

Holidays are usually a time when I look forward to it. This is not the case with cats, which do not really like to travel. It is not necessary to pack your cat before leaving.


Not only driving is stressful for most cats, many of them and transportation. Cats are homemade and do not like change, as you have heard. Voyager means big changes in a chat routine, so thank you.

So now you know what to avoid to maintain a good relationship with your feline. If you follow these rules, you know that you can have a good relationship with your chat!

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