Yvetot. A man convicted of leaving his two dogs outside unattended for a year

Found in an advanced state of thinness in Yvetot, both dogs are doing well today and should be adopted by a foster family. (© Pixabay)

Association Stéphane Lamart indicates on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 by a statement that a man residing Yvetot (Seine-Maritime) who appeared before the police court on April 12 Rouen for having left his dogs without care for a year and for several days without water or food was convicted. The court delivered its deliberation on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

Found in an advanced state of thinness

The facts became known to the association on March 8, 2021. And the latter acted very quickly. Following a report, the Stéphane Lamart association commissioned one of its investigators to carry out the first checks.

The investigator found that the two Shih Tzu-type dogs lacked care, food and water and were in an advanced state of thinness, with parasites and unmaintained glued hair. They lived in a garden full of excrement and urine and had no baskets or blankets.

Stéphane Lamart Association.

Asked by 76actu, Stéphane Lamart states: “This situation, of dogs delivered to themselves outside, had lasted for a year, when the owner’s wife died. When he found the dogs, they were in such a state that their heads could not be distinguished from their hair-covered buttocks. »

A dog carcass in the garden

A dog carcass was also found in the owner’s garden. “The dead dog was evacuated by a veterinarian. He had a 40 cm long piece of cloth in his stomach. According to the necropsy report, the obstruction caused by the foreign body to the stomach, as well as the cachexia and lack of care, probably indirectly caused the death of the animal. The extreme cachexia of the animal showed an obvious lack of care, according to the veterinarian, ”the association continues.

He gives in to his dogs without remorse

The dogs did not have a health card and were not identified, they were taken care of by the association.

The owner gave the dogs away without remorse, stating that he had not had time to take care of them since the death of his wife.

The court therefore ruled on June 7, 2022. “The defendant was found guilty and fined € 150 per dog for deprivation of care. In addition, he was fined € 35 for dogs to detain unidentified dogs. The man will also have to pay the Stéphane Lamart association € 500 in damages and € 300 in court costs.

The confiscation of both dogs was ordered.

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And today how are the two dogs

Beyond the conviction, Stéphane Lamart stated: “It was very important to us that the owner be convicted and that the confiscation be ordered. Today, both dogs are doing very well after the care received from our association. They are in a foster family that was eagerly awaiting this verdict so they could adopt them. »

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