Zero waste kitchen: six meals with one chicken

The 171st issue of “La Terre, Lapierre et Vous”, Radio SCOOP’s “ecolo” show, focuses this Wednesday on “zero waste” cooking, and more specifically on six ways to cook your chicken without spoiling anything.

The installation of a new industrial chicken coop in Cruzilles-lès-Mépillat in the Ain, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, makes the people of the river grind their teeth! 23,000 pounds would take place in a building located 200 meters from the houses. Riverrains set up a collective and launched a petition against the project.

There is no question here of taking sides for or against industrial livestock, much less for or against eating meat: it is everyone’s choice. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to think about ways to limit food waste.

And what better than that zero waste kitchen to make the most of our food?

How to cook chicken for the week?

First, we buy one whole beastuncut: it’s cheaper, and there’s less packaging waste.

And then we think about recipes to make the whole family salivate!

On Monday, it’s roast chicken!

We start the week with this gourmet dishaccompanied by a seasonal vegetable : chard gratin, sautéed dovlecei, spinach, green beans…

A great classic!

Tuesdays: salty

A green salad, a kitchen of our chicken for meat, pieces of cheese, croutons …

It’s fresh, it’s complete, it’s excellent!

Wednesday: soup

Coup a whiteegg the 2nd kitchenin small dice that will flavor your hot soup, with noodles and seasonal products: new potatoes, celery, carrots, onions…

It’s simple and it warms up!

Thursday: pie

Scratch them last crumbs of meat of the carcass (which you are not throwing away yet) and use them in a quiche …

And if we do that homemade doughit’s even better!

Friday: broth

We bring it back crushed housing in a little oil, in a saucepan, then add water, salt and pepper …

We perfume with the herbs and spices we have on hand: thyme, garlic, paprika, basil …

It can be served with a slice of toast and grated cheese.

Worshipful children!

Finally, on Saturday: pasta!

To optimize the purchase of his chicken to the end, just keep the juice left in the dish and pour her hot pasta in it to soak them in delicious chicken juice!

Voila! with a single chickeneg embellished six mealsall different, and especially without throwing away any edible piece!

What do you enjoy by saving, and limiting your ecological footprint!


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