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In the “Cuisine de rêve” category, which model is buzzing on Instagram: here’s why!

What if, with a simple push, you opened the doors of a mysterious closet to discover a built-in and luxurious kitchen? Follow the guide!

Firm kitchen: what model is buzzing on Instagram

Are you more open or closed kitchen? What if you opted for both? The Outofdecor account has just released a face care video hum on Instagram: this is a piece of furniture with facades that close and, when they open, reveal a kitchen. A kitchen that leaves internet users speechless: “Oh my god I love it, I would love to have a kitchen like this”! exclaimed an Internet user. In total, the publication received more than 56,441 “Like” mentions!

This dream kitchen is perfect for saving space

This dream kitchen is perfect for saving space. The proof, all you need is: sink, work planshelves for plates and glasses, not to mention closed storageperfect for storing pots and pans… A perfect kitchen cabinet for small spaces!

Often stylish kitchens on Instagram

On the social network, there are many videos that font them hum. In addition to the hidden kitchen posted by the Outofdecor account, another video is talking about it. This is a luxurious and rather indecent penthouse, located on the 90th floor of a New York skyscraper. a penthouse which consists of three large salons, of large windows and a beautiful full-length chimney: something to scare the internet users who let go of the comments.